Freeman Hrabowski

Our keynote speaker today was recently named one of Time Magazine’s 100 most influential people. This linked summary is similar to the talk we heard. Read it through and ask yourself:

1. Can we reasonably claim to hold high expectations for all students and what might be some examples where we can’t claim to hold this mindset?
2. Who are the students doing maths and science at our school and why/when did they make this choice?
3. What can we learn about Hrabowski’s improvements in student learning?

Post a response to one of these questions.

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One Response to Freeman Hrabowski

  1. Jenny says:

    I’m surprised how many students start yr 7 with a mindset that is negative about Maths, negative to wanting to learn Maths, to being interested in being better at doing Maths and to their sense that Maths is relevant or important and I feel that I’ve been much less successful than in the past in changing that mindset. I’d like to investigaate why

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